Research to uncover what koalas leaf in and leaf out of their diet

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The recent 2019-20 bushfires had a major impact on native Eucalyptus Forest vegetation in Eastern Australia, affecting 26% of high suitability koala habitat.  As a result, the future viability of koala populations has become the focus of extensive conservation efforts nation-wide. In 2019, the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital established a Eucalyptus tree plantation to provide a readily accessible food source for koalas in their care.  Ms Teresa Cochranes honours research project will investigate (a) the relative success of the different Eucalyptus planting techniques, and (b) assess the nutritional composition of three different Eucalyptus species, where foliage from young plantation seedlings will be compared to mature tree samples.  

Honours student Teresa Cochrane (principal supervisor Peter Spooner, co-supervisor Dr Gaye Krebs  and Scott McManus) 

Period02 Sep 2021

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Media contributions