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Dr Richard Culas researches irrigated agriculture in Pakistan through an ACIAR project.
Agriculture can be reshaped for producing more nutritious food and to use scarce water resources more efficiently. Major food crops such as rice, wheat and maize provide sufficient calories, but are inadequate in providing all the necessary nutrients required for healthy life.
Agriculture uses more than 80-90% of available water in irrigation-intense countries with increased use of groundwater posing serious threats to food security.
Pakistan is most affected due to increasing groundwater depletion and exporting the major food crops grown with non-sustainable groundwater use.
There is a need to develop optimal farming systems to enhance nutritional values, water use efficiency and farming livelihood.
Study Area in Punjab - Irrigation Administrative Network of LBDC
(Source: Basharat, 2012; DLC, 2015)

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Period08 Dec 2020

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