When mango seeds are turned into skincare products

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    This was a media report based on my CSU Green Sustainability Grant awarded late 2019 for funds implementation 2020. It was used to support 4 students in PHM406, the Pharmacy Capstone subject,  to undertake two separate but associated projects. One project was to extract and characterise Australian mango kernel oil. The second was to formulate an aqueous and an oliy cream using the mango kernel oli extracted from mango seed waste donated by the Orange community. My idea was based on reading that although Australia produces 60, 000 tonnes of mangoes annually and some is eaten fresh but much is also processed with up to 25, 000 tones going to land fill. The second factor was that commercial creams which include paraffin- based ingredients come from crude oil which is not so sustainable or environmentally friendly and my second degree is in Australian Environmental Studies (environmental health)

    Period29 Oct 2020 → 11 Nov 2020

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    Media coverage