Women in Scriptural Reasoning – Sarah and Hagar

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Women in Scriptural Reasoning – Sarah and Hagar


Scriptural ReasoningPaCT Fellow and Lecturer at the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisations (CISAC) Dr Mahsheed Ansari recently participated in a Women in Scripture Reasoning Day which explored the theme of ‘Sarah and Hagar’ in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The event was held on the 27 September 2018 at the Mary MacKillop Centre in North Sydney and was part of an exposure day for students in the Graduate Certificate in Theology at ACU.

Dr Janine Luttick (ACU) presented a Christian perspective, followed by Rabbi Jacqui Ninio (Emanuel Synagogue) on a Jewish faith perspective and concluded with Dr Mahsheed Ansari. Then there was a Q and A Panel discussion with all three women discussing the female leadership in contemporary Australian Judaism, Islam and Catholicism.

Dr Ansari said there was also a joint panel discussion exploring themes in relation to the challenges and opportunities that sacred texts present for women adherents. There was also a lot of discussion around contemporary challenges that women face in some institutions.

MosqueThe participants then went on excursion to Auburn Gallipoli Mosque and then visited Islamic Sciences and Research Academy (ISRA) for interfaith session with Muslim women. This second session was a Christian-Muslim dialogue between women who were active in their respective faith traditions.



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