Workshop for Industry Supervisors in CSU Engineering

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    The activities of the workshop for engineering host organisations presented in CSU WPL Newsletter June 2017.

    Period30 Jun 2017

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • TitleWPL Newsletter June 2017
      Degree of recognitionLocal
      Media typePrint
      Duration/Length/Size6 pages
      DescriptionWith the help from EFPI, CSU Engineering developed an online module for supervisor training, which culminated in a face-to-face workshop on 8th June during Engfest. The online module includes five topics: CSU introduction, Student Selection for Host Organization, Workplace Learning, Good supervision of Cadet Engineers and Assessment in WPL. From 22 industry supervisors participated in the online training, 18 of them engaged in the workshop.
      The workshop had several interactive activities; it commenced by focusing on student preparation by watching the video “Preparing for students” from WPL in motion with a group discussion. Then effective mentoring attributes were reviewed and finally CSU Engineering curriculum and the first subject during the workplace (Eng280: Performance Planning and Review) were discussed. During the workshop, important issues such as the use of mobile technology, the time expected for mentoring, CSU structure for WPL triad (University-Industry-Cadet), the method of students’ selection and etc. raised and discussed.
      Based on the evaluations, the workshop initiated the networking between supervisors and exposed CSU Engineering expectations to host organisation. The supervisors wanted to be more aware of the capability of their cadet before their engagement.
      Producer/AuthorFranziska Trede
      PersonsReza Mahinroosta