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Smart Wine Project

Rahaman, M. (Creator), Schmidtke, L. (Creator) & Paul, M. (Creator), Charles Sturt University, 30 Sep 2029


3D Reconstruction from multi-view images of a Christmas

Gates-Stuart, E. (Creator), Nguyen, C. (Creator), Adcock, M. (Creator), Lovell, D. (Creator), La Salle, J. (Creator), Weir, T. (Creator) & Mantle, B. (Creator), CSIRO Data Access Portal, 11 Mar 2014


Grape image database

Seng, J. (Creator), Ang, K. (Creator), Schmidtke, L. (Creator) & Rogiers, S. (Creator), Charles Sturt University, 2018


International survey of research data management in libraries

Cox, A. M. (Creator), Kennan, M. A. (Creator), Lyon, L. (Creator), Pinfield, S. (Creator) & Sbaffi, L. (Creator), Sheffield University, 01 Sep 2019


X radiation dosimetry

van Schoonhoven, T. (Creator) & Hayre, C. M. (Contributor), Charles Sturt University, 2020


Canola seeds and oil samples data

Flakelar, C. (Creator), Charles Sturt University, 2014


Cultivar, site or harvest date: the Gordian knot of Wine Terroir DATASET

Schmidtke, L. (Creator), Antalick, G. (Creator), Antalick, G. (Creator), Suklje, K. (Creator), Blackman, J. (Creator), Boccard, J. (Creator) & Deloire, A. (Creator), Charles Sturt University, 2019