Botanal and seedling recruitment data: Rehabilitation of perennial pastures PhD project


    Description of Data

    Description of publications (thesis and journal papers) that used this dataset are provided below in Other link.This data was collected as part of the PhD study with Charles Sturt University, Orange. The project (2005-2009) investigated a three-phase approach to managing recruitment designed to: encourageoach to managing recruitment designed to: encourage seed set and delivery by desirable species; prepare more suitable micro-sites for seedling recruitment; and identify the better post-emergence tactics that aided seedling recruitment in the short to medium-term. Data covers 5 experiments conducted at 3 field sites over the period 2006-2008. All data is non-processed and the size of the collection is approximately 8 MB. Data is available as MS Excel spreadheets (16 files in total) of: biomass measurements collected through Botanal method; recruitment measurements as counts; experiment layout; and treatment application randomisation.
    Date made available2015
    PublisherCharles Sturt University
    Date of data production2006 - 2008

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