Data and code for 'Timing of environmental watering influences extinction risk for chytrid-infected amphibian populations'

  • Anna Turner (Creator)
  • Geoffrey Heard (Creator)
  • Rupert Mathwin (Creator)
  • Corey J.A. Bradshaw (Creator)
  • Andrew Hall (Creator)
  • Skye Wassens (Creator)
  • Skye Wassens (Contributor)
  • Geoffrey Heard (Contributor)
  • Andrew Hall (Contributor)


Description of Data

This repository provides all data and R code from the analysis presented in the following paper: Turner, A., Heard, G., Mathwin, R., Bradshaw, C. J. A., Hall, A., Wassens, S. Timing of environmental watering influences extiction risk for chytrid-infected amphibian populations. The data are provided as a series of .csv files and R script: 1. "Hay_MillerStreet_BOM_maxdailytemp.csv" and 'Hay_Airport_BOM_maxdailtytemp.csv" --> Water and air temperature raw data from which temperature model was created, included in scripts defined in 2. 2. "ChytridModelArraySetup_August_watering.R"--> This script creates the watering regime and predicts survival rate distributions for each year over 52 years for each of random dry/wet, 1 dry year and 2 dry years for August, included here eg: 'AugustWateringArray_1DryYears.csv' These are repeated for September and October 3. 'PVA_functions.R'--> Population viability analysis script developed by Rupert mathwin and Corey Bradshaw 4. 'Run_scenarios.R' --> Draws on PVA_functions.R to develop run scenarios for August, September and October 5. 'Example_figures.R'--> R script which produces figures 'cdf(i)', 'cdf(ii)', and cdf(iii)' used in manuscript drawing from 'Adult_popn_size_from_runs..." csv files only.
Date made available2022

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