Venom, speed, and caution: effects on performance in a visual search task data


Description of Data

This data comes from the study that interprets previous findings and resolves inconsistencies in the literature by replacing the theory of differential disengagement of attention with one of differential caution. The full study is described in the publication. Sulikowski, D. (2012). Venom, speed, and caution: Effects on performance in a visual search task. Evolution and Human Behavior 33(4): pp. 365-377. The condensed raw data and syntax of the analysis are made available for download from the provided URL. The full stimulus set is shareable only via a direct individual request to Dr Danielle Sulikowski. Data was collected from a series of visual search tasks by participants who volunteered. Data is available as SPSS files.
Date made available2014
PublisherCharles Sturt University
Date of data production2010 - 2011

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