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Australasian Paramedic Pharmacology Project

Sonja Maria (Creator), Norm Wilkinson (Participant), George Cliquot (Participant), Ashley Denham (Participant), Laura Triffett (Participant), Kristy Shearer (Participant), Andrew Hodgett (Participant), Joelen Gott (Participant), Riosie McEachern (Participant), Ricardo Galeano (Participant), James Thompson (Participant), Emma-Cate Thornley (Participant), Tony Ward (Participant), Jeremy Taylor (Participant), Steve Whitfield (Participant), Marc Colbeck (Creator), Lyle Brewster (Participant) & Brian Sengstock (Participant)

Impact: Other Impacts

Biorisk Management

Muhammad Qureshi (Creator), Irfanul Haq Qureshi (Participant), Samina Irfan (Participant), Ms Sadia Subhan Qureshi (Participant), Shah Murad Khan (Participant), Dr Sania Subhan Qureshi (Participant), Ms Samia Subhan Qureshi (Participant), Nazir Ahmad (Participant), Umer Sadique (Participant), Sher Bahadur Khan (Participant), Farhan Anwar Khan (Participant), Shoaib Sultan Afridi (Participant), Syed Muhammad Suhail (Participant), Naila Chand (Participant), Sarzamin Khan (Participant), Muhammad Imran (Participant), Nasir Shah (Participant), Shakoor Ahmad (Participant), Arif Yousaf (Participant), Rashid Aman (Participant), Zia ul Haq (Participant), NIghat Perveen (Participant), Muhammad Azam Kakar (Participant), Muzaffar Said (Participant), Murad Ali Wazir (Participant), Rafi Ullah (Participant), Arshad Zahoor (Participant), Hamayun Khan (Participant), Mrs NIghat Javed (Participant), Ghazala Yasmin (Participant), Muhammad Inam (Participant), Tayyab ur Rahman (Participant), Muhammad Arshad (Participant), Rifat Ullah Khan (Participant), Masood Rabbani (Participant), Prof Zafar Randhawa (Participant), Dr Tariq Tariq (Participant), Dr Faqir Muhamamd (Participant), Dr Kashir (Participant), Dr Shafia (Participant), Ilahi Bakhsh Mastoi (Participant), Dr. Muhammad Mubarak Jatoi (Participant), Dr. Nazeer Hussain Kalhoro (Participant), Dr Sher Muhammad (Participant), Dr. Ghulam Hussain Jaffar (Participant), Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Shahid (Participant), Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif Bhutto (Participant), Dr. Shakeeb Ullah Khan (Participant), Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan (Participant), Muhammad Yasin Tipu Malik (Participant), Dr. Mansoor Ahmed (Participant), Prof. Dr. Arfan Yousaf (Participant), Prof. Dr. Masood Akhtar (Participant) & Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Magsi (Participant)

Impact: Quality of life Impacts, Public policy Impacts, Economic Impacts

Blue Mountains Bushfire Plan - Hansard mention

Trish Doyle (Presenter), Sarah Redshaw (Creator), Valerie Ingham (Creator), Kath Harrison (Creator), Toni Quigley (Creator), MaryLou Keating (Creator) & Jenny Bigelow (Creator)

Impact: Economic Impacts, Public policy Impacts, Social Impacts, Public policy Impacts

Creating the Australasian Paramedic Clinical Guidelines

Sonja Maria (Creator)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Other Impacts

Equally Well National Consensus Statement

Russell Roberts (Creator)

Impact: Public policy Impacts


Equally Well Website

Russell Roberts (Participant) & Michael Mehmet (Participant)

Impact: Social Impacts

Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Annette Gainsford (Presenter)

Impact: Cultural Impacts, Economic Impacts, Public policy Impacts, Quality of life Impacts, Social Impacts - Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP)

Sonja Maria (Creator) & Marc Colbeck (Creator)

Impact: Cultural Impacts

'Poets Alfresco,' 14 September 2019, with Frank Prem and Jane Downing, Write Around the Murray Festival, Albury.

Lachlan Brown (Participant), Jane Downing (Presenter) & Frank Prem (Presenter)

Impact: Cultural Impacts

Policy reforms through Triple Helix Good Governance Model

Muhammad Qureshi (Creator) & Peter Wynn (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Economic Impacts, Quality of life Impacts

Public Event: Hanifa Deen- Confessions of An Accidental Author: How i became a story teller

Mahsheed Ansari (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts, Social Impacts, Cultural Impacts


Testimony re contemporary Australian Research about roles of Nurse Practitioners, Parkinson’s Disease Support in NSW

Rachel Rossiter (Participant), Marguerite Bramble (Participant), Vincent Carroll (Participant), Alfred Wong (Participant), Annabel Matheson (Participant) & Deborah Schwebel (Participant)

Impact: Quality of life Impacts, Public policy Impacts

UNICEF Youth drought summit 2019

Bernadette Moorhead (Participant)

Impact: Social Impacts

‘Poetry and Faith,’ with Nathanael O’Reilly, Grace Episcopal Church, New York.

Lachlan Brown (Participant) & Nathanael O'Reilly (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts