Athena SWAN Convenor/Intersectionality Collaboration lead (Regional SAGE Network)

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Impact summary

This impact highlights my role starting as an outsider participant in Athena SWAN in 2016, moving into a leadership and convenor role in 2017, (with responsibility for the the finalisation and submission of the self assessment application with key staff), to being at Parliament House in Canberra (December 2018), receiving an inaugural Australian Athena SWAN Bronze Institutional Award, to now delivering on the Action Plan and other initiatives. As the Convenor for Athena SWAN at Charles Sturt, I am proud of the work of the team, and for stepping up and stepping into the Convenor role. I continue in the role of Convenor and to publish, educate and influence in the area of gender equity and intersectionality nationally and internationally.

Charles Sturt was recently awarded 4th in the world for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in reduced inequalities and 6th in the world for the SDG in gender equality in the Times Higher Education. I was the champion and coordinator for both the reduced inequalities and gender equality SDGs in this application. This was very much focussed on students’ access and achievement of quality education. My leadership as the convenor of Athena SWAN was intrinsic to this result.

I was also invited to consult on the CASPER Project as part of the European Commission into the Gender Equality Award and Certification process 2020 - 2022 due to my expertise and reputation as a leader in this field. In addition, I was invited to be a Visiting Academic Fellow with Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 2020 - 2021 due to my leadership and research in the field of gender equity and intersectionality. The recently International Lean HE Festival 2020 (Scotland) showcased the Intersectionality Walk (IW) which is work by the Intersectionality Collaboration (Regional Network SAGE) I am facilitating and leading, with participants from around the globe. The IW is also being rolled rollout out nationally to Higher Education and STEMM research institutes via a train the trainer and general workshop attendances. This a process commenced in 2020 with a plan for continued rollout in 2021.

My influence has been sustained over time and is having an impact both nationally and internationally as a leader in this field. It is having a positive impact on the reputation of the University by modelling our core value of inclusion.
Impact date2016
Category of impactCultural Impact, Social Impact, Other Impact
Impact levelEngagement


  • Gender Equity
  • Athena SWAN
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  • Trinity College Dublin
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