Granted patent: AU2014353885A1 Prevention and treatment of toxicoses.

Impact: Economic Impact

Impact summary

Granting of this patent is the first step to producing a flock or her level commercial product to mitigate stress and loss of productivity caused by many types of common management procedures in sheep, cattle and other production species.

This patent represents the first flock or herd level treatment for mitigation of the clinical signs of perennial ryegrass toxicoses PRGT in sheep. PRGT is a significant production issue in Australia, New Zealand causing millions of dollars of stock losses and productivity a year. Alleviation of clinical signs by delivery of an affordable flock or her level treatment will provide significant economic and animal welfare benefits for cattle, sheep and dairy producers.
Impact date20 Nov 201420 Nov 2034
Category of impactEconomic Impact
Impact levelBenefit


  • toxicosis
  • bromide
  • sheep
  • cattle
  • perennial ryegrass
  • toxicity
  • staggers
  • PRGT

Countries where impact occurred

  • Australia