Measuring occupational exposures to osteoarthritis in the lower limb in Australian Defence Force job categories

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The Study of Measuring Occupational Exposures to Osteoarthritis in the Lower Limb (OLL) in Australian Defence Force (ADF) Job Categories examined risk factors for OLL in the ADF community.
This study’s findings provide a greater understanding of the relationship between OLL in veterans and types of ADF job category. With this information, DVA has lessened the need for some veterans to explain how their service has caused OLL when submitting claims to DVA. Lengthy claim investigations and administrative burdens can now be avoided where relevant SOP factors are known to be met on the basis of certain types and duration of employment. The findings build on and further enhance the research and work already being undertaken by DVA to improve access to services, streamline the compensation claims process, and fast track access to treatment.
Impact date2020
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  • Australia