Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children Inquiry 2013

Impact: Public policy Impact, Quality of life Impact, Social Impact

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KPMG Evaluation on Models of Rural Service Delivery 2013

I was invited by KPMG to make comment on existing practice and service delivery models for rural and regional staff due to inadequate decision making processes that lead to child deaths. I contributed a range of insights on the existing practices, policies and service delivery models. Of note was my advice to include a distributed decision-making and support system for intake and assessment where city and/or large regional offices who had appropriately delegated senior staff would partner with small and more remote units to ensure there was no gap in timely and responsive decision -making and response to a report of harm or risk to a child. My impact was first the recognition of my expertise in this field, and secondly the contribution made to the reform of intake and assessment decision making processes and points, plus the reinvigorated models of rural service delivery that enable timely response to reports on vulnerable children and young people in Victoria, Australia.
Impact date2013
Category of impactPublic policy Impact, Quality of life Impact, Social Impact


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