The Turning - whisper to the silent earth

Impact: Cultural Impact

Impact summary

The Turning - whisper to the silent earth exhibition is supported by Create NSW’s annual organisation grant and is part of Art Month Sydney 2022.

It provides for the first time a solo exhibition of several tranSTURM works in a single designed installation space, with panel discussions to articulate the philosophy of the group.

The nature of the tranSTURM collective and its rationale are made more apparent by this exhibition, and are spoken to directly in panel discussions. Documentation of these online discussions are available ongoing on youtube, allowing for a more permanent engagement with discussions that would be less impactful were these in-gallery and not recorded.

The ongoing record of work being built by tranSTURM creates a legacy of process, practice, and ideology. This exhibition is to date the most comprehensive exploration of themes important to the group. The central focus on Rilke's The Sonnets to Orpheus, its contemplation of loss, and our desire to enact an impossible returning to nature through digital ecologies are presented through meditations on the Lane Cove river, situated in the locality of the gallery. The surface tension that divides above and below, and the ecosystems of the local mangroves, are a focus and a meditation as we contemplate the existential crisis of environment through Rilke's sonnets.

The activity also asserts my creative practice as an ongoing activity during tenure.
Impact date07 Mar 202202 Apr 2022
Category of impactCultural Impact
Impact levelEngagement


  • tranSTURM
  • Rilke
  • The Sonnets to Orpheus
  • animation
  • abstract animation
  • ecosystem

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  • Australia