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  • 2013

    Bioherbicide from Festuca spp

    Weston, L. A. (Inventor), Bertin, C. (Inventor) & Schroeder, F. (Inventor), 2013, US Patent 8,461,085, Patent No. US20080261815A1, 08 Feb 2006, Priority date 02 Aug 2006, Priority No. US11/815,823

    Research output: Patent

  • 2010

    RFID 미들웨어 시스템 및 그의 리더 단계 여과 지원방법

    Translated title of the contribution: RFID middleware system and method for supporting reader-level filteringHong, B. (Inventor), Ryu, W. (Inventor) & Kabir, A. (Inventor), 2010, IPC No. G06K 7/10 , Patent No. 10-2008-0046067, 19 May 2008

    Research output: Patent