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'Poets Alfresco,' 14 September 2019, with Frank Prem and Jane Downing, Write Around the Murray Festival, Albury.

Lachlan Brown (Participant), Jane Downing (Presenter) & Frank Prem (Presenter)

Impact: Cultural Impact

The application of data mining techniques to improve service delivery in health and aged care

Zahid Islam (Creator), Irfan Altas (Creator), Manoranjan Paul (Creator) & Mark Morrison (Creator)

Impact: Economic Impact, Public policy Impact, Quality of life Impact, Social Impact

UNICEF Youth drought summit 2019

Bernadette Moorhead (Participant)

Impact: Social Impact

‘Poetry and Faith,’ with Nathanael O’Reilly, Grace Episcopal Church, New York.

Lachlan Brown (Participant) & Nathanael O'Reilly (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact