Humanities and Social Sciences

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‘Poetry and Faith,’ with Nathanael O’Reilly, Grace Episcopal Church, New York.

Lachlan Brown (Participant) & Nathanael O'Reilly (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact

UNICEF Youth drought summit 2019

Bernadette Moorhead (Participant)

Impact: Social Impact

The application of data mining techniques to improve service delivery in health and aged care

Zahid Islam (Creator), Irfan Altas (Creator), Manoranjan Paul (Creator) & Mark Morrison (Creator)

Impact: Economic Impact, Public policy Impact, Quality of life Impact, Social Impact

'Poets Alfresco,' 14 September 2019, with Frank Prem and Jane Downing, Write Around the Murray Festival, Albury.

Lachlan Brown (Participant), Jane Downing (Presenter) & Frank Prem (Presenter)

Impact: Cultural Impact