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Liz is a lecturer in Teacher Librarianship in the School of Information. She is interested in researching recreational reading, and teenage boys and their reading. Her other interests are in children’s and YA literature including postmodern picture books, young adult literature, and the representation of masculinity in contemporary YA fiction. The teaching and learning of information literacy, in particular the use and transference of these skills by students, is another area of interest.

Education/Academic qualification

Arts, Master of Arts (Children's Literature), Deakin University

20 Feb 200230 Nov 2002

Award Date: 06 May 2003

Teacher Librarianship, Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship), Charles Sturt University

01 Feb 199830 Nov 2000

Award Date: 20 Apr 2001


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    Fowler, R. (Recipient), Winslade, M. (Recipient), Lew, H. (Recipient), Jackson, A. (Recipient), Fletcher, D. (Recipient), Plunkett, F. (Recipient), Paton, J. (Recipient), Olsen, K. (Recipient), Howell, L. (Recipient), Tenison, M. (Recipient), Burton, M. (Recipient), Wise, T. (Recipient), Tenison, M. (Recipient), McLeod, A. (Recipient), Briggs, T. (Recipient), Ahern, S. (Recipient), Driver, J. (Recipient), Sugumaran, M. (Recipient), Power, C. (Recipient), Mason, D. (Recipient), Bird, S. (Recipient), Schiller-Hartnett, T. (Recipient), Spalding, N. (Recipient), Sykes, N. (Recipient), Campbell, L. (Recipient), Callander, S. (Recipient), Uchalla, Y. (Recipient), Murrell-Orgill, K. (Recipient), Pasanai, S. (Recipient), Carroll, M. (Recipient), Garrison, K. (Recipient), Derouet, L. (Recipient), Erskine, V. (Recipient), Grainger, J. (Recipient), Bracken, L. (Recipient), Welsh, K. (Recipient), Edmanson, L. (Recipient), Wong, J. (Recipient), Blundell, B. (Recipient), Lotz, L. (Recipient), Weller, J. (Recipient), Brakell, K. (Recipient), Cameron, S. (Recipient), Devitt, J. (Recipient), Lindsay, E. (Recipient), Mahinroosta, R. (Recipient), Morgan, J. (Recipient), Krishna Pillai, K. (Recipient), Senevirathna, L. (Recipient), Shaeri, S. (Recipient), Thew, P. (Recipient), Miles, S. (Recipient), Macfarlane, T. (Recipient), Quinton, S. (Recipient), Taylor, J. (Recipient), Patton, N. (Recipient), Sharrock, S. (Recipient), Rowley, L. (Recipient), Jenkins, M. (Recipient), King, K. (Recipient), Bonham, S. (Recipient), Causer, A. (Recipient), Stone, J. (Recipient), Clements, J. (Recipient), Vickers, B. (Recipient), Smith, D. (Recipient), Dalton, A. (Recipient), Kaandorp, J. (Recipient), Astrup, M. (Recipient), Wilson, L. (Recipient), Menz, V. (Recipient), Mitchell, P. (Recipient), Foley, S. (Recipient), Van Deventer, J. (Recipient), Pope, W. (Recipient), van Huet, H. (Recipient), Barry, K. (Recipient), Bradow, J. (Recipient), Corrigan, R. (Recipient), Costigan, M. (Recipient), Denton, M. (Recipient), Diamond, A. (Recipient), Eastwood, M. (Recipient), Kilgour, A. (Recipient), Lustig, K. (Recipient), Matheson, A. (Recipient), Mulquiney, T. (Recipient), Pengelly, J. (Recipient), Petrie, E. (Recipient), Robson, K. (Recipient), Roman, N. (Recipient), Southwell, A. (Recipient), Simpson, M. (Recipient) & Howard, J. (Recipient), 08 Dec 2020

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  • QSLA Teacher-Librarian of the Year

    Derouet, E. (Recipient), 25 Oct 2019

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