2022 Charles Sturt Excellence Award: Students

  • Denton, Marijke (Recipient), Spiller, Alex (Recipient), Doig, Laura (Recipient) & Mitchell, Petrice (Recipient)

Prize: AwardInternal award


This resilient and innovative WPL team manage and deliver high quality speech pathology workplace learning for Charles Sturt. Together they have navigated, and continue to do so, the complexities of student placements during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. Their commitment to workplace learning excellence ensured that speech pathology student progression and graduation was not significantly delayed despite rolling nationwide lockdowns and unexpected staff and student illness. Marijke and Petrice have expertly managed provision of external placements through their successful nurturing of strong relationships with placement providers from the public and private sector. Alex is an outstanding team member whose leadership in the role of Speech Pathology Clinic Coordinator has changed the tone and productivity of the Speech Pathology Clinic within the Community Education and Wellness (CEW) centre on Thurgoona campus. Alex, with Laura, quickly identified opportunities for growth, including resourcing the Clinic for culturally and legally safe provision of telehealth services.
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsCharles Sturt University, Australia