2023 Excellence Awards (Student category)

Prize: AwardInternal award


This nomination is for enhancement of student learning about mental health practice through the creation of the Community Mental Health Experience (CMHE) program. This program is targeted at increasing students’ confidence, capability, and interest in working in mental health practice. It was designed in response to the growing need for graduates to be equipped with mental health knowledge so they can thrive in contemporary rural health environments. The CMHE is a partnership between Charles Sturt and LikeMinds and involves a bespoke mental health work-integrated learning experience for social work, paramedicine, and nursing students. Importantly, the program has an embedded evaluation framework that provides students the opportunity to give feedback on their learning experience so that the experience is relevant and high-quality. The program has been continuously modified in response to student feedback such as changing student: supervisor ratios, inviting guest speakers from specialty mental health backgrounds, and modifying student-led mental health activities with consumers.
Degree of recognitionLocal