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Seeking, developing and supporting our rural communities’ contribution to Charles Sturt University’s SRM’s network.

Activity Summary -
what will the funds be used for?
max 200 wordsThe funds will be used to support a maximum of three (3) community members from each of the School’s nine (9) rural clinical schools to attend a half-day workshop at the Orange campus. The focus of the workshop will be to seek input into recruiting, supporting and training processes that meet the needs of all our nine rural communities. Additionally we seek a shared understanding of how those processes can help our communities and our students to thrive. Discussion will also include key issues facing each of the nine clinical school communities. This discussion will inform future research projects that will develop as collaborations between the SRM research team and local clinicians.
Prior to the workshop a survey will be completed by attendees seeking their views on the SRM and how we might operate within each community, as well as key issues facing the community, and identification of potential areas of research.

We will include community members such as Heads of Aboriginal Health Services, community support organisations such as 4 Life Ministries, representatives from the local medical practices in which our students work and train and representatives from the local hospital networks. The opportunity to engage AMS/AHS to identify areas of need or condition specific research and also addresses key AMC requirements for curriculum and research for the Medical School is valuable. The session will begin with an overview of the School, our mission and vision in supporting rural communities and improving the health outcomes for Australian living rurally and remotely.

The funds will support the travel to and from Orange of each community member and catering for the workshop to be hosted by School of Rural Medicine staff.
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Granting OrganisationsFaculty Office, Science and Health