3rd Rural Student led grant. The University of Sydney - University Centre for Rural Health funding for rural student research project: Documenting students and supervisors’ experiences of undertaking a field education placement remotely during COVID-19

Prize: GrantSuccessful


Internationally, COVID-19 has disrupted student education and impacted student placements. Members of the International Network of Co-operative Inquirers have nominated themselves to support indirect student-led, rural-focussed, and research-focussed student placements during and post-COVID-19. This nil to negligible risk inquiry includes discussing rural/regional issues - reflecting on the extant literature regarding recent experiences in rural Australia such as the floods in Lismore and other locations. It is the third research project, building on the two previous successful student-led co-operative inquiries. All involved in the project including the students will be co-authors. The students will be engaging with the extant literature available in the public domain and reflecting on it. It is funded by the University Centre for Rural Health.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsSydney University – Centre for Rural Health