Achieving true representation of Indigenous people in nursing and midwifery

  • Adams, Karen (Recipient), Saunders, Vicki-Lea (Recipient), West, Roianne (Recipient), Deravin, Linda (Recipient) & Stuart, lynette (Recipient)

Prize: GrantSuccessful


This project aims to address an absence of true representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and knowledges in nursing and midwifery. Significantly it intends to co-create an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nurse and midwife theory and principles for practice. An anticipated goal of the research is to better understand how the theory and practice can be implemented in nurse and midwifery education (inclusive of clinical settings) in regional and urban areas. The intended outcome is to provide improved cultural safety in nursing and midwifery, greater cultural safety for health consumers and; stronger recruitment and retention of Indigenous nurses and midwives. Grant total $1,034,235
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsAustralian Research Council (ARC)