Advance HE Senior Fellowship

Prize: Other distinctionExternal recognition


2021 I applied for Senior Fellowship through funding provided by FOS CSU. With specific support by Denise Wood, Kelly Linden and Louise Pemberton, Caroline Robinson and Sarah Hyde I was successful in this application. When first applying I initially applied for Fellowship but after viewing the applications and discussing with Kelly and Louise and confirming with Denise I applied for Senior.
This application was a great opportunity to review teaching and learning scholarship, practices and self reflection on not only own teaching practices but also my career goals, and teaching philosophy.

This exercise assisted in improving my writing skills, teaching practices, aiding in building on literature review within my Master' studies and gave clarity to Professional Doctorate proposal. Those that supported my application through the funding and my references were invaluable in their feedback and support. I have since attended several webinars and made several international network connections. One such connection has aided in widening my Prof Doc research scope and possible outcomes.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsHigher Education Academy