Australia’s Top Researcher in Audiology, Speech & Language Pathology – Awarded by The Australian Newspaper.

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• Top of the world. "These Australian-based researchers are best in the world in their field based on the quality, volume and impact of their work” (The Australian Research Magazine, 25 September 2019, p. 9) .
• “Our methodology took into account both the volume of research produced and its quality. In each field we considered all papers in the top 20 refereed journals in that particular field (which Google Scholar determines using an H-index based measure of journal impact) by researchers in Australian institutions over the past five years. Then we counted the number of citations each paper has received. The top researcher (and the top institution) in each field is the one whose papers have been cited most often.”
• "Some world No 1 researchers are located in places where many would not expect to them to be. Charles Sturt University’s Sharynne McLeod is based in Bathurst, west of the Dividing Range in NSW, where she is professor of speech and language ¬acquisition. Her work, and academic leadership, is of such quality that not only does she personally top Australia, and the world, in audiology, speech and language pathology research, but her university is also the lead ¬research institution in Australia in this field." (The Australian, 25 September 2019, p. 26)
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsThe Australian Newspaper