Biology, Ecology and Management of Tropical Soda Apple (Solanum viarum)

Prize: GrantSuccessful


The proposed research project/plan aims to comprehensively investigate the ecology, biology, and management of Tropical Soda Apple (TSA) through three key experiments and seeking funding for the below scientific research:
• Phenotypic plasticity and environmental adaptation examination to understand how TSA adapts (focusing on its physiological, morphological, and phenological traits) to new environments, which will help predict future invasions under climate change.
• Stem and root and seed-based regeneration investigation to explore how easily TSA regrows from root fragments, informing better weed removal practices.
• Evaluate pasture competition as a non-chemical control strategy against TSA and provide information to develop integrated weed management plans.
Degree of recognitionRegional
Granting OrganisationsNSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI)