What is the nomination for:
This nomination is for the research project 'The mental health, wellbeing and work impacts of COVID-19 on first responders and frontline workers in Australia' undertaken by members of the CSU Workforce Wellness Research Unit. The researchers worked with the Police Federation of Australia, the Australasian College of Paramedicine, NSW Ambulance, the Public Service Association (Community Services) of NSW, and Community Nurses of Western NSW to design, distribute and interpret the findings of the research which investigated the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the working lives of first responders in 2020.

Why is this Excellence Award worthy:
This study of 1,542 respondents investigated the impact of COVID-19 on police and paramedics from across Australia. It also surveyed child protection workers and health workers from one state of Australia. The study found that COVID-19 was associated with significantly increased stress, workload, and family demands of the vast majority of respondents. The research is important as provides recommendations around how first responders can be better supported in difficult times such as a Pandemic and also presents ways that managers can better meet the needs of frontline staff in order to reduce incidences of stress and burnout. The study has direct linkages to courses that CSU teaches such as Paramedicine and Policing and also has an impact on our regional first responder workforces.
Granting OrganisationsCharles Sturt University (CSU)