What is the nomination for?
This nomination is for the development and delivery of the new Honours Supervisor Training Program. This is a series of six modules designed to support new supervisors and potential supervisors to develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective, quality supervision to Honours students. The staff nominated identified an unmet need in the training, preparation and support of Honours supervisors and worked together in a cross-Faculty collaboration to develop and deliver a bespoke training program for Honours supervisors.

Why is this Excellence Award worthy?
The Honours Supervisor Training Program provided support and development specifically targeted at Honours supervisors who previously had no training to meet their unique needs. The workshops provided a space for supervisors to share examples of good practice, to discuss challenges and solutions, and supported the development of research capacity across the university. It also provided participants the opportunity to expand their research networks. The team comprised academic champions from all three Faculties and this collaborative and inclusive approach was further evidenced through the diversity of guest speakers and expert panelists who contributed to the success of this program. This initiative demonstrates evidence of research leadership and achieving impact through innovation.