CSU Research Fellowships & Senior Research Fellowships
The Research Fellowships and Senior Research Fellowships are intended to boost research capacity within the university by supporting dedicated research time and providing additional research resources for a number of high-performing individuals.
The Fellowships are specifically focused on achieving growth and increased performance towards securing the future strength of research at CSU. The Fellowships are not simply an alternative funding model to enable the current level of research performance.
Each Fellowship recipient will be held accountable to ambitious performance indicators to achieve a clear return on investment in terms of research productivity, opportunity creation and increased research vibrancy. The latter can include, but is not limited to, increased research outputs, enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration, diversity and longevity of income, evidenced engagement and impact and realisation of commercialisation outcomes where appropriate.
Built on the Research Narrative, the Fellowships also seek to better enable cross-collaboration and multi-disciplinary projects that lie within the research spheres and/or at the intersections of the research spheres. All Fellowships must be in a research area which aligns to the Research Narrative and can identify strongly with at least one research sphere.
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