CSU Research Infrastructure Support Scheme 2022.

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Currently, I am undertaking research (room 2037) at the NaLSH. My goal is to conduct a pilot project in this world-class research facility, with the specific aim of generating preliminary data towards the application of an Ideas grant from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.
Our research in NaLSH is rapidly evolving to more molecular bioscience, space and in ovo anti-cancer therapeutics. In 2021 we successfully received the CSU Research Infrastructure Support Scheme worth $52,451 towards refurbishing the Clinical Stem Cell laboratory and purchasing new equipment to enhance virology, and in ovo oncology research capacity and in 2022, received RISS funding $77460.73 for Cryostat.
Our laboratory research goal is to optimise a model of human colon cancer tumour growth in embryonated chicken eggs and conduct preliminary experiments to assess the efficacy of phenolic grain extracts to limit cancer growth without disrupting embryo development. We will initiate egg model experiments as early in 2023 and complete them in December 2023. This will form part of Nyadoub Jok's project, a third-year PhD student scheduled to complete Nov 2023.
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