Decolonising the evidence base to support equitable outcomes in communication and swallowing for Australian First Nations’ peoples.

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Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) has formally acknowledged the impact of settler-colonialism and institutional racism within the profession and its impact on First Nations Australians’ swallowing and communication outcomes (SPA, 2019). This project aligns with SPA’s commitment to redress this institutional history and establish frameworks where Indigenous perspectives, knowledges, and cultural practices are honoured. This project is co-designed and models the prioritisation of Indigenous perspectives, knowledges and scholarship through Indigenous leadership and a commitment by each researcher to critical reflection on the colonising and imperial nature of the discipline (Tuhiwai-Smith, 2012).
Recognition that the profession has routinely positioned Indigenous peoples through deficit discourses necessitates the examination of the existing ‘evidence-base’. This project has three phases that have been identified to disrupt and critique the existing evidence-base for supporting equitable communication and swallowing outcomes of First Nations Australians. Indigenist Standpoint Pedagogical Theory (Phillips, 2019) will be applied to: identify how institutional, historical, socio-cultural processes inform and/or limit the interpretation of ‘evidence’ and its impact on professional practice; and, establish core principles for integrating Indigenous knowledges into future evidence-based practice.
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