Department of Education Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme National Priorities Pool. ($324,311).

  • Rubin, Mark (Recipient), Burke, Penny Jane (Recipient), Bennett, Anna (Recipient), Evans, Olivia (Recipient), O'Shea, Sarah (Recipient), Allen, Kristen (Recipient), Parker, Jean (Recipient), Denson, Nida (Recipient), Douglas, Heather (Recipient), Gendi, Monica (Recipient), Hardacre, Stephanie (Recipient), Howley, Peter (Recipient), Macqueen, Suzanne (Recipient), Mills, Carmen (Recipient), Naylor, Ryan (Recipient) & Raciti, Maria (Recipient)

    Prize: GrantSuccessful


    Success from the perspective of the successful: Low SES students, success and completion in higher education
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Granting OrganisationsDepartment of Education