Enriching Language and Literacy Environment in Early Years: Caregiver Training

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This three-phase project that will support the Frank Hilton Organization (FHO) to provide
evidence-based training to Fijian caregivers on how to maximise communication rich
environments. The first two research focused phases aim to:
(Phase 1) map young Fijian children’s communication (oral language and literacy) across
environments to consequently: (a) identify Fijian family language policies/rules, and
(b) identify family communication behaviours that support or hinder home-language
maintenance and multilingual language/literacy acquisition, and
(Phase 2) uses the outcomes of Phase 1 to develop and evaluate an evidence-based
communication program/playgroup, that can be implemented by Fijian-speaking caregivers
(professionals/parents) to create communication rich learning environments where young
Fijian children are encouraged to maintain their home language and culture during oral
language and literacy activities. This program will be a scalable prototype that can be
extended to support children of all linguistic backgrounds.
Phase 3 provides playgroup participants ongoing support to maintain learnings.
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