Excellence Award 2021: Successful Graduates

  • John, George (Recipient), Anderson, Peter (Recipient), Brimson, Richard (Recipient), Brooks, Tabin (Recipient), Carlisle, Charmaine (Recipient), Fell, Ryun (Recipient), Geier, Colette (Recipient), Gourieroux, Aude (Recipient), Guo, Ying (Recipient), Harper, John (Recipient), Jackson, Jebediah (Recipient), Maathuis-Smith, Sandie (Recipient), Shaik, Razia (Recipient), Spinner, Jennifer (Recipient), Turner, Stephanie (Recipient), Vanniasinkam, Thiru (Recipient), Vitez, Peter (Recipient), Allison, Nat (Recipient), Bannister, Jennifer (Recipient), Jagga, Bikshapathi (Recipient), Foster, Justin (Recipient), Maloney, Jack (Recipient), McMullen, Robyn (Recipient), May, Erin (Recipient), Pal, Martin (Recipient), Roy, Krisna (Recipient) & Tenhave, Lily (Recipient)

Prize: AwardInternal award


Covid related teaching restrictions caused all laboratory activities to be transitioned rapidly to a completely online model.

Providing a streamlined & seamless Virtual Learning Experience in a large multi-cohort service teaching Science First-Year Microbiology Subject (MCR101) taught to over 500 students annually required the effective coordination of a large team & leveraging a diverse staff skillset.

A long-standing priority in this teaching team has been to create a high-quality learning experience. To achieve this, multiple teams (Design, Development, Technical, Deployment & Delivery) worked on developing the Subject to provide a learning experience "as close as possible" to a face-to-face experience for the students.

Students experienced & engaged with simulated lab equipment, interactive safety sections, good laboratory practices, correct experimental protocols, & consolidated their learning experiences based on Subject Learning Outcomes. The Science Labs at CSU utilised these activities in other subjects.

Why is it Excellence Award worthy:
The First-Year Experience is a critical factor in overall course attrition. The CoViD imposition would potentially impact this.

While enrolments increased by +13.06%, the strategies actioned demonstrated an increase by +6.0% in the overall subject progress (81.0% [2019]/ 87.0% [2020]/ CSU 85.2% [2020]). Also increases in the Grade Point Average (GPA) [+11.71%] & Overall Satisfaction by +5.00% (78.5% [2019]/ 83.5%[2020]/ CSU 77.6% [2020]).

To reflect inclusiveness (A core CSU value), the Delivery Teams were intentionally chosen to reflect the diversity of Socio-Cultural Identities & Professional Experiences in the student cohort, promoting a worthwhile learning experience and constructing a safe, educational space.

This intentionality effectively enhanced overall subject engagement in this diverse student cohort & reflects our University's ethos, "yindyamarra winhanganha".

Our commitments contributed to creating a robust student community, thereby contributing to Successful Graduates, where CSU has been ranked first for undergraduate employment.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsCharles Sturt University

Awarded at event

Event title2021 Vice Chancellor's Excellence Awards
Period05 Dec 2021