Excellence Award: Successful Graduates Highly Commended

  • Prax, Jerome (Recipient), Bell, Neville (Recipient), Brooks, Tabin (Recipient), Colley, Susan (Recipient), Curry, Brad (Recipient), Cybula, Peter (Recipient), Dealtry, Lysa (Recipient), Durose, Ruth (Recipient), Edwardes, Phil (Recipient), Ferguson, Janine (Recipient), Hillsley, Cathy (Recipient), Folger, Ingrid (Recipient), Gersbach, Emma (Recipient), Ghys, Linda (Recipient), Hampson, Christian (Recipient), Hazell, Linda (Recipient), Hillyar, Kasey (Recipient), Hudson, Caren (Recipient), Hurford, Sharnie (Recipient), Jones, Rob (Recipient), Leary, Samantha (Recipient), Locke, Kirsten (Recipient), Lord, Belinda (Recipient), Malloy, Sam (Recipient), Masters, Nikki (Recipient), Rizvi, Syed (Recipient), Rodriguez Valdes, Hector (Recipient), Rosser, Elise (Recipient), Seinor, Michelle (Recipient), Schofield, Zoe (Recipient), Shaw, Kelly (Recipient), South, Helen (Recipient), Stelling, Fleur (Recipient), Towney, Amy (Recipient), Wilczek, Bogdan (Recipient) & Finlay, Cathy (Recipient)

Prize: AwardInternal award


This nomination is for the Pathways Courses teaching and professional teams who have demonstrated excellence in a student-centred approach to delivering a high-quality student experience in courses. which have allowed 246 students to confidently commence their bachelor's degree study from session 202060 onwards.

Why is it Highly Commended worthy:
The Diploma of General Studies has a long history of creating opportunities for students to access higher education at Charles Sturt University. In 2020, the course moved from being delivered in partnership with TAFE to being wholly university delivered, allowing for a rich and authentic experience for students hoping to start a degree, including a new shorter course with guaranteed entry arrangements, and an online option, growing from 100 students on average per year to 320 in 2020 and 316 in 2021. Students come into the Pathways courses with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The teaching and support staff draw from their wealth of expertise in transition pedagogies, as well as their nurturing and supportive personas to provide students with the opportunity to build confidence, build skills, and be prepared for the next step of their educational journey.
Degree of recognitionRegional
Granting OrganisationsCharles Sturt University

Awarded at event

Event title2021 Vice Chancellor's Excellence Awards
Period05 Dec 2021