Experiences of students entering medical programs through rural pathways: a multi-institutional qualitative study

  • Hyde, Sarah (Recipient), Shepherd, Nicole (Recipient), Partanen, Riitta (Recipient), Hu, Wendy (Recipient), Walters, Lucie (Recipient) & Pena, Alexia (Recipient)

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Globally, medical students from rural areas are targeted for selection to medical school to address
persistent inequities in accessing medical education and medical services in these regions. Despite
decades of initiatives these inequities persist. Missing is qualitative research to better understand the
pathways through which rural students successfully become medical students and graduates, and the
barriers they experience. This study examines the experiences of medical students entering through
rural pathways using semi-structured interviews and focus groups in four Australian medical schools.
Reflexive thematic analysis using three planes (individual, interpersonal, community) will identify
factors influencing professional identity formation of students entering from rural backgrounds.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsUCAT-ANZ Test Management Committee