Faculty of Health 2024 Learning and Teaching Scholarship ($10K): Uni-que Minds: Supporting Neurodivergent Students

  • Meredith, Oli Sophie (Recipient), Frawley, Jane (Recipient), Debono, Deborah (Recipient), Frey, Erika (Recipient), Purcell, Aimee (Recipient), Manton, Jacintha (Recipient), Penny, Elizabeth (Recipient), McIntyre, Erica (Recipient), Power, Emma (Recipient), Grove, rachel (Recipient) & Hor, Suyin (Recipient)

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Universities worldwide are addressing these important considerations to support their ND communities and ensure student equity. This project will explore the experiences of being ND at UTS to understand better how we can support students to improve wellbeing, retention, and completion
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsUniversity of Technology Sydney