Fellowship, Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators

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    As ANZAHPE aims to support scholarship in health professional education, it is important to
    define scholarship. AMEE Guide 43, commissioned by the Executive Committee of ANZAHPE’s
    colleague organisation in Europe, eloquently describes what scholarship is and its relevant types
    (McGaghie, 2009). Following Boyer’s categories, McGaghie shows how scholarship includes four
    domains: Discovery, Integration, Application and Teaching. These refer, respectively, to
    conducting original research, placing facts in a wider perspective, applying knowledge to the
    problems and practice of education, and conducting high quality teaching in a variety of ways.
    Productive scholars, in McGaghie’s words, are ‘passionate about their work and are inspired by
    strong convictions. They are organized, focused, engage in multiple tasks simultaneously, and
    have tenacious concentration. Productive scholars work very hard, over long time periods,
    display great stamina, and set high standards for themselves and others.’
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    Granting OrganisationsAustralian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators