FOSH Research Development Scheme for Improving health of Country affected by disturbance since colonisation - a project in collaboration with the Budjiti people of the Paroo River Country

Prize: GrantSuccessful


Activity: Obtaining Remote Pilot Licence training for piloting drones was essential for me to extend and to enhance my research program into ecosystem dynamics in disturbed landscapes of the Paroo River Country. Specifically, this training will facilitate using my DJI Air2S drone for: identifying sites of activity/presence/absence of native and introduced animal species; location of temporary surface water; areas of patchy natural and/or anthropogenic disturbances; and for monitoring structural changes in vegetation after weed encroachment. Furthermore, the use of a DJI Air2S drone expedites finer grain mapping and more accurate assessment than the conventional use of satellite data for these purposes.
Degree of recognitionRegional
Granting OrganisationsFaculty Office, Science and Health