GRANT: Artificial intelligence-guided personalized medical and assistive device prescription for improving clinical outcomes and adherence

Prize: GrantSuccessful


Received this grant in partnership with Foot Balance Technology Pty. Ltd

National Industry PhD Program: An Industry PhD is a doctoral program designed with an industry application. Under appropriate academic and industry supervision, PhD candidates undertake a co-designed research project with university and industry participation.

The National Industry PhD Program will support PhD candidates to undertake industry-focused research projects and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to better translate university research into commercialisation outcomes. Upon completion, candidates will have the ability to work at the interface of research and industry, and across the sectors in future.

Thirty-two research projects have been awarded funding including:
15 Industry Linked projects, 17 Industry Researcher projects.
A total of 86 applications across a variety of fields of research were submitted in Round 1.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsAustralian Government Department of Education and Training