Heather May Herrick Scholarship

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The scholarship is named in memory of Heather May Herrick.

Heather received outstanding care, including palliative care and pain management from a Nurse Practitioner which made a huge difference to Heather and her family.

After a long battle with cancer pain, thanks to a Nurse Practitioner, her last 2 months of life were comfortable.

In appreciation for the unique role of the Nurse Practitioner in Australia and the outstanding work that they do, Heather’s family has funded a scholarship program aimed at supporting more Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses to deliver services to people like Heather in the areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, New and emerging NPs, Rural and Remote NPs, Intensive Care Nurses and Oncology, with a particular focus on End of Life Pain Management, Palliative Care, Aged Care and Working towards Advanced Practice or a Nurse Practitioner role.

The objective is to connect future and new Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses with a network in order to build these roles within the communities and assist people like Heather. It is also challenging for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses in rural and remote areas to attend the ACNP National Conference due to cost and travel requirements.
Granting OrganisationsAustralian College of Nurse Practitioners

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Event titleNurse Practitioner Conference
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Period02 Sept 2019 → 05 Sept 2019