"masked corroborees of the northwest" Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival

    Prize: Other distinction


    Length: 47 minutes Director/filmmaker: Dominique Sweeney Producer/production company: Centre for CrossCultural Research/ANU Country of production: Australia Country/location of film: Australia In northwest Australia a range of corroborees incorporate the use of masks. These and other performance objects connect bodies to country, cultural knowledge and ancestors. The Miriwung, Narinyman and Worla people in the film discuss and perform the animation of Ungud (rainbow serpent) and Ngarrangkarni (dreamings) through performance. Do performances then mean the same when performed away from their country of origin at national and international festivals? Are the conceptual categories "performance" and "mask" sufficient to describe what is happening in these circumstances?
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Granting OrganisationsBeeld voor Beeld Film Festival, Amsterdam and Antwerp