Nomination - Excellence Award - Stronger University

Prize: AwardInternal award


Recognises and celebrates outstanding contributions of individuals and teams who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in supporting a positive, respectful and performance based culture that contributes to the success of Charles Sturt.

What is the nomination for?
Cate Thomas has shown an outstanding contribution to inclusivity across Charles Sturt and the wider community. Cate is committed to making a difference in the lives of those who have a disability and ensures that social justice is a driving principle behind decisions in policy, in curriculum and in behaviours.
Why is this Excellence Award worthy?
Cate has modelled inclusive behaviours, and a passion for social justice, actively involving herself in positions of advocacy and support to build a Strong University. Her leadership enacts the values of Inclusivity, Impactful and Inspiring to create a safe space for staff and students as recognised by external awards.
Granting OrganisationsCharles Sturt University, Australia