RED Excellence Award Vibrant Communities

  • Murdoch, Deb (Recipient)

    Prize: AwardInternal award


    Assessment, Moderation and Benchmarking Field – Deborah Murdoch
    Deb’s leadership of her peers in the Quality Learning and Teaching in Assessment project, resulted in a report to the University that identified current strengths and areas for improvement in the delivery of assessment. Building on the outcomes of that project, Deb has produced the help guide for the
    assessment components of the new Subject Outlines Tool.
    Deb’s proactive work in the implementation of external benchmarking of CSU courses has seen her develop an extensive network of complementary contacts with other institutions, institute and implement the system at CSU, work with key stakeholders to implement and support their course
    activities, and report via CSU management and governance structures on the outcomes and
    recommendations to assure qualify and excellence of CSU degrees in the broad realm of higher
    education in Australia.
    Degree of recognitionRegional
    Granting OrganisationsCharles Sturt University