Substance treatment research capacity building in rural and remote NSW

  • Keniry, Catherine (Recipient), Theodorou, Stan (Recipient), Allan, Julaine (Recipient), Eagle, Meredith (Recipient), Munro, Alice (Recipient) & Cantwell, Brendan (Recipient)

Prize: GrantSuccessful


This project will:
Boost rural health and medical research capability and capacity by involving drug and alcohol clinicians and medical students in planning and conducting research
Conduct research to improve substance treatment service delivery in regional cities, rural towns and remote communities by identifying local service needs for capacity building
Enhance clinical research capacity in substance treatment by identifying and planning future projects for grant applications for CSU SRM medical students and associated supervisors

Recommendations for enhancing substance treatment services across Western region
Publication on process of rural capacity building for research in substance treatment
Three research proposals that are ready to apply for grant funding with LHD partners and conducted by CSU medical students
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsRural Health Research Institute