Supporting safe pet ownership in housing the homeless

  • Cleary , Michelle (Recipient), Kornhaber, Rachel (Recipient) & Visentin , Denis (Recipient)

Prize: GrantSuccessful


This project aims to explore the role of pets in caring for the mental health needs of homeless people and those at risk of homelessness in the City of Sydney and options for keeping pets with their owners. Research has already reported both physiological and psychological benefits derived from pet ownership. Homeless pet owners report higher levels of attachment to their pets than among the non-homeless population and derive a sense of responsibility, companionship and social identity from this. Pets have been shown to decrease substance misuse, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. Often accommodation and health services for the homeless and those at risk of homelessness do not include options for pets, forcing a choice between housing and care, and their animal. This project would explore issues and solutions for keeping homeless people and their pets together.
Granting OrganisationsCat Protection Society of NSW