The 2021 Advancing Academic Development Event and Global Good Practice Awards

  • Dolan, Lloyd (Recipient), Hill, Barb (Recipient), Flynn, Yanhadarrambal (Recipient), Grant, Brian 'Mallyan' (Recipient), Carr-Smith, Leanna 'Wirribee' (Recipient) & Allen, Bill 'Dinawan' (Recipient)

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    Congratulations to the finalists and winners of the 2021 Global Academic Development Good Practice Awards, presented at the recent Advancing Academic Development (AAD) event, held online 3 November, 2021.
    The Advancing Academic Development project aims to establish how we might effectively support Academic Developers (ADs) to build capabilities, establish national networks, and share good practices. Alongside research into the needs and views of ADs, and what senior university leaders may support, in 2018 a national professional development event was convened to test and evaluate a new facilitated model. Proving to be highly successful, a second event was held in 2019.
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