University of Southern Queensland School Publication Award (Education)

  • Hyndman, Brendon (Recipient), Suesee, B. (Recipient), McMaster, N. (Recipient), Harvey, S. (Recipient), Jefferson-Buchanan, Rachael (Recipient), Cruickshank, V. (Recipient), Barnes, M. (Recipient) & Pill, S. (Recipient)

Prize: Award


2020 USQ Research Awards seek to recognise research excellence and publication success. These awards are a great way for the University to celebrate research excellence and publication success, and to recognise the valuable research staff and students are undertaking every day.
Granting OrganisationsUniversity of Southern Queensland

Awarded at event

Event titleUniversity of Southern Queensland 2020 Research Awards
LocationUniversity of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia
Period26 Jun 2020 → 26 Jun 2020