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James Farley (Curator), Hayley Megan French (Curator), Patrick Ronald (Artist), Gregory Carosi (Artist), Alice Peacock (Artist), Gillian Kayrooz (Artist), Kirtika Kain (Artist), Lill Colgan (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual outputs, including Creative WorksCreative Works - Curation of Exhibition/Event/Festival

Delivery of advanced professional development

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  • On the Space of Artists

    James Farley (Facilitator), Hayley Megan French (Facilitator), Alice Peacock (Participant), Patrick Ronald (Participant), Gregory Carosi (Participant), Gillian Kayrooz (Participant), Lill Colgan (Participant) & Kirtika Kain (Participant)


    Activity: Engagement and professional developmentDelivery of advanced professional developmentAcademic